New gearbox technology so groundbreaking, there’s no going back!

For the longest time, there were basically only two ways to stop motion – friction and mechanical latching. But with our patented new non-backdriveable gear system, Gear Motions is changing everything. Kinatech is a simple, elegant mechanical locking system that will hold any load in place without using electricity, pneumatics, hydraulics, friction or any other external braking source.



With Kinatech, Gear Motions is building on more than a century of leadership in full-service, custom gear manufacturing – and bringing big advantages to partners across the industry.

SIMPLICITY: Our patented new technology uses the kinematic relationship of the driving gear train to lock the two gears in place, so the two components attached to those gears can move and lock without the need for an external braking system that can wear out over time. Plus, a simple, one-of-a-kind arrangement of gears allows Kinatech to support incredible amounts of force under incredible loads.

SCALABILITY: Kinatech is truly scalable. Its unique arrangement of gears is equipped to fit the needs of any application – from precision instrument components to industrial-sized operations.

RELIABILITY: Kinatech requires only a minimal number of moving parts.

AFFORDABILITY: Relying on just a few components, Kinatech is much easier to assemble than traditional brakes, making it more affordable.

FLEXIBILITY: Kinatech can be used standalone or it can easily be integrated into a wide range of OEM machinery for machine builders or end users.


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